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ANNE DIGGORY  -    OUT OF PLACE: Shifts in media, location and content

Jan 30 - Feb 24, 2018    Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC

Reception  Thursday Feb 1, 5-8pm

Gallery Talk  Saturday  Feb 24 , 4 pm

These pictured works will be either in the main gallery space, in the small alcove or available in gallery storage. Many are quite small. Price list available from the gallery (bluemountaingallery@verizon.net) or the artist diggoryanne  at  gmail.com

  Blue Mountain Gallery presents Out of Place, an exhibition of recent works by Anne Diggory that involve shifts in media, location and content. The light-infused works include large lake scenes derived from canoeing Adirondack waterways in upstate New York, plein air paintings from trips to California and Arizona, and studio interiors with surprising juxtapositions of palettes, everyday objects and paintings. Some pieces in the show have a double life as backgrounds, as in “Blue Plate Special,” where a swirl of peaches sits in front of the circle of lily pads in “Overture.”   In “Grand Illusion,” a floral portrait of a pale amaryllis dwarfs a painting of the Grand Canyon. 

In the mixed-media hybrid works, the shifts between painting, photography and digital manipulation continue to be “startling and disorienting, as well as beautiful,” with “mysterious, absorbing blends” (Jay Rogoff, Adirondack Life, March 2015).

Branching Out hybrid on canvas 58x31"

This hybrid piece was inspired by an encounter with a fallen tree as I paddled and sketched by myself on the Bog River near the entrance to Hitchens Pond. The tree had escaped the forest for a new kind of dance on the water, with arms gesturing. To convey the entire experience of that encounter I combined the views of seeing it stretched out against the forest (at bottom), reaching toward me and then resting in the fading light. The dead tree is very much still visually alive.



Out of Place in Huletts Landing 

hybrid on canvas  21x31"   2018 (almost done 1/7)

This playful piece interweaves details from a 19th century painting of the location by David Johnson with photographic details and a loosely painted, invented foreground. As a researcher of historic painting locations, when I see the actual landscape I sense both past and present, old conventions and contemporary perceptions.



The largest piece in the show is nearly finished, based on the narrow passageway between Church Pond and Osgood Pond, near Paul Smiths, NY.  40x65"  The opening in the distance is sharply photographic, in tension with the soft swirling, more painterly passageway.

From that same watery passageway


Entrance  8x10" acrylic on panel                         Sentinel Pines  11x6" pencil/chalk on paper

The plein air works below were painted a few miles away from that passageway, from the shores of St Regis Lake, at the Paul Smiths College boat launch, looking across at St. Regis Mountain.


Ascending Autumn 18x24" acrylic/canvas       St. Regis Cloud Dance 9x15.5"  acrylic on panel

From the Blue Mountain Lake area of the Adironacks:


Overture (54x54" hybrid on canvas) has a section based on the lily pads of Opening Performance   20x20", recently purchased by Saratoga Hospital, not in the exhibition.

Overture appears in the background of one of the artworks that shift between studio implements, painting fragments, patterns and other objects

Blue Plate Special, 20x20" acrylic/panel        Why I am not a Poet   24x24"  acrylic on canvas




Grand Illusion  20x20 acrylic on panel        Out of the Blue   20x20" acrylic on panel

I shifted my location to California and Arizona for  a number of works that continue my interest in visual vortexes of natural forms.


Power Play, 12x24" acrylic/canvas                 Shore Lace 9x11"  acrylic/canvas


Wave Action 12x24" acrylic/canvas                Morning Fog, Santa Barbara 6x12.5" acrylic/canvas

The painting above then appears in Uncontained (20x20" acrylic on panel)

along with a drawing of the same motif.






 From the California desert and Arizona:


Sunrise from the Ranch 9x20" acrylic/canvas       Desert Sunrise   3x5"  acrylic/canvas


  Split Monoliths 10x10" acrylic/panel



Descending Light  13x21"  acrylic/canvas                     Monument Valley Sunset, 3x5" acrylic/canvas


Devil's Bridge  8x10" watercolor                        Canyon Meander 6x10" watercolor



Divisions  18x18" acrylic/canvas                Sunset Layers 7x10"  acrylic/paper


   painting a cold sunset, April 3rd


                                                                     Last Slices of Light   8x10" acrylic/panel

And an extreme shift of location - Morocco - from several years ago, but not shown before.


Fez Sunrise  7x10" acrylic/canvas                      Dune Sunrise  6x10"  acrylic/canvas

Additional works from the Adirondacks:


Night Falls  11x15" acrylic on panel                 Permanent Rapids 10x10"  acrylic/panel


Rock Flow  18x24"  acrylic/canvas                   Silver Dawn  16x20"  acrylic/canvas


Glancing Light  9x20"  acrylic/canvas   



Sunset Gathering  3x5" acrylic/panel           Lingering Light  3x5"  acrylic/panel


Summer Greens 5x5" acrylic/panel                  Sacandaga Sunset  8x8"  acrylic/canvas


  Crosscurrents  5x7"  acrylic/panel                     Bog River Blues  8x10" acrylic/panel  

And some from Keene Valley in the Adirondacks


Keene Valley Clearing  5x10.5" watercolor       Evening Reverie   15x30"  acrylic/canvas


Autumn Giant  4x12" acrylic on canvas              At the Bend  4x12"  acrylic/canvas

Summer Giant  5x12"  acrylic/panel




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