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Artist Anne Diggory explores the Ausable River Watershed

Long before I became aware of the many sources and meanderings of the Ausable River and its branches and tributaries, I had unwittingly painted many of the related flows. Only recently, through becoming aware of the work of the Ausable River Association, have I begun to understand where the water I was painting had come from and where it was headed – how it gets from Mt Marcy, the Ausable Lakes and Lake Placid to Lake Champlain. I have been inspired to understand the visual qualities of each of the waterways and the surrounding terrain that make up the watershed.  I am in the process of assembling a body of work that will help people visualize the watershed and how it has inspired my artwork. Future collaborations with the Ausable River Association will bring attention to their work to protect the streams and lakes, their water quality, and the many forms of life that depend on them.

Lower Ausable Lake from Indian Head         Indian Falls, Marcy Brook                             Lake Placid/Whiteface Mt.


A recent work, Ausable Odalisque, shows the water from all of these sources, flowing into Lake Champlain amidst the bones of tree trunks and sand.


In the last 30 years I have created over 40 artworks of the area, and I am now exploring and creating new ones. The natural forces that inspire me include the moving water and the land forms that both shape them and are shaped by them. It is always a challenge to choose the forms, colors and textures that can evoke that movement or that change over time.  I often do many versions of the same location, each with a different focus.

Since I work out of Saratoga Springs, the southern part of the watershed is much more familiar to me and many of my further explorations will be further north. I hope to eventually arrange some exhibitions that will include maps and writings to accompany the work.

A selection from the watershed :


Clockwise from the upper right:

Ausable Odalisque, 16x20" outlet into Lake Champlain 2021

Ausable Glow , 14x11"  Ausable Chasm  2019

Diversion, Hulls Falls, 18x24"  2020

Spillway, 74x54" Mossy Cascade (private collection) 2003

White Lightning, 46x36" Roaring Brook Falls 2019

Approaching Noon 15x20" Ausable Lake from Indian Head (private collection) c2004

  Eos (dawn) 50x65" Indian Falls, Mt Marcy (private collection) 2000

 Mid-day Majesty (Lake Placid) 2015

 Interlude 16x20" (near Lake Placid) 2021 (private collection)

 River Carving 24x30" (near Wilmington) 2019


I have initially divided the watershed into eight areas to group my work, although I imagine those groupings will eventually change a little. Not all tributaries are represented yet. In the future, links to each section will take you to more information

1. From Upper Ausable Lake to the Ausable Club, the East Branch begins (Rainbow Falls included)

2.Three steep tributaries into the East Branch of the Ausable in Keene Valley

3: The East Branch between Keene Valley and Jay and some tributaries

4. From Mt Marcy and Indian Pass, Heart Lake) to the beginning of the West Branch of the Ausable (other tributaries to be explored)

5. Lake Placid and Chubb River into the West Branch (Chubb River still to be explored)

6. Between Lake Placid and Ausable Forks via Wilmington Flume

7. Taylor Pond/River area (still to be explored)


8. Ausable Forks, Keeseville and Ausable Chasm into Lake Champlain


Red dots indicate where I have already painted.

Updates to the project, new paintings, are often posted on my facebook page



I will be adding information about my past and current artwork from each section, here are some samples. All contain at least a sliver of water; for nowI have left out the paintings of mountains that form the watershed.

Revisit this site when I get more labels and more art. It will likely get redesigned or on its separate site. And maybe a book. If this project is something you want updates for,Contact me.

Section one    The Ausable Lakes and nearby tributaries to East Branch of Ausable River

The trip to see the lakes and research historic paintings can be seen in the Adirondack Almanac

Upper Ausable Lake 2004 and 2005 at Inlet Camp with Pat Quinn


                                                                           Freshness of Morning. Private Collection

The series of four studies as the weather cleared, all 4x6" (Gothics and Pyramid)


Lower Ausable Lake


"Westons Ausable"  8x10"                            "Approaching Noon from Indian Head" private collection




 private collection                                          private collection


Rainbow Falls

"This Gorging Good"    1995                         'Muted Deluge' 1995


Section two: Three steep tributaries into the East Branch of the Ausable in Keene Valley

In 1991, in my first foray into the Ausable watershed, I started sketching and painting alongside waters in the Keene Valley area on day trips and short stays. Some of the smaller works inspired large works in the studio. For many years Mossy Cascade has provided inspiration with its vertical dance between steps of water and steps of stone. And it was there that I learned that if I paint next to a waterfall, I need to wear rain gear to avoid getting slowly soaked by the mist.




MOSSY CASCADE near Keene Valley

 1991 Dark Falls                  1998 12x9" Mossy Cascade       2003 Collection of AYCO, Saratoga Springs








1991 Mossy Steps                         1991 Remaining Ice



             1991                                 1991  "Arachne"   private collection         2003 "Spillway" 74x54" private collection


          Collection of Siena College   1998                            "Long Division" Collection of Siena College 1999 50x58"



Inspired by Roaring Brook Falls, near Keene Valley NY

        Triptych in private collection, from 1996  "Approach"




White Lightning, 48x36 mixed media on canvas 2019            Afternoon Retreat, 20x16, acrylic on canvas 2018


Fall Lines, 14x11" Acrylic on panel 2019        Study for White Lightning , 32x32"  Private collection2019


Inspired by the Flume Brook

A friend, Pat Quinn, told me about Flume Brook, on private land with a dramatic passageway between rock faces. She arranged permission for me to be there to paint for two days and then I continued on a larger version in the studio. Although the water is only a trickle, with the dramatic narrow gap and pile of boulders you get the sense of the past power of water and a passage of time. All four were composed to feel congested with a limited option to scramble to the distant open space.

Three done on site and last one in the studio.

1998  "Trapped"  22.5x30 Private Collection             1998 "Flume Pool"  22.5x30"


1998 Split Procession,  24.75x16.75" Siena College          1999 Stairway of Stone, 80x50"   Siena College



Section 3  Keene Valley to Ausable Forks (likely to become more than one section)

Beaver Pond , 20x28" 1995

"At the Bend," 3x10" private collection 2017

"Diversion, Hulls Falls" 18x24" 2021                                 "Resting Place, Hulls Falls"  18x24"  2021 Private collection



"Streamside" (Hulls Falls), 8x10"  2021                           Pool Below  24x24" 2022-23

Ausabe Serpentines  (Jay)  30x24"  2022-23


Section 4    Mt  Marcy to the Loj Road, with tributaries


2000?                                                                          2000 Tangents


2000 "Eos" (Dawn) private collection 50x65"

Marcy Brook (private collection) 1995

Plus many of Heart Lake



Section #5  Lake Placid to the Western Ausable

Mid-day Majesty, 2014

Evening Folds


Section #6 from Lake Placid to Ausable Forks - the Western Ausable

"Interlude at Intervale"16x20" finished 2021 Private collection

High Falls Gorge

9.5x8.5 Cleft  2005                                                Points of View 2014         Points of View II 2014


Wilmington Notch Falls  "Restless Gleam" 2005 16x20"         Wilmington Gorge 12.5 x 10"  2005



Wilmington Flume area


River Carving 24x30" acrylic on canvas 2019                       Ausable Carving 16x20" 2019 Private collection



Ausable Twist   36 x 60"  hybrid media on canvas 2019


Ausable Abundance  18x24" 2023



Section 8  Ausable Forks to Champlain

Near Clintonville  "Three way split" 16x20  2021


Keeseville ( during 2018 Keeseville Plein Air)


4x8" private collection




2021 on way back from getting Plattsburgh vaccination. 8x10

Ausable Chasm

1992  Ausable Bridge 14x18.75 (private collection)               2018 Chasm Glow 14x11   2018




Ausable Point area

Ausable Odalisque  16x20     2021                                  Sunlit Shore 12x13"  (Near outlet, from canoe) 2021




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