Painter   Anne Diggory

 In the process of painting there are always junctures at which many paths to completion are possible.  In traditional painting, only one “solution” is possible.  With this mixed media approach, I photograph the work at various stages.  Then in Photoshop I can interweave various stages of the painting, change their appearance, add photographs or text, print a combined image and then physically paint and draw on it again. Sometimes the variations are slight, sometimes there are major transformations.


In this version of “Garden Variety Landscape III ” I introduced photographs into the four quadrants of the base image as well as at the bottom as an entry into the space. The transitions are purposely smooth to initially disguise their presence. Yet in the end the careful observer will ponder their role and the dialogue between painted and photographed “realities.”


I was interested initially in creating a painting about the excessive beauty of the lilies in my garden. I set out to imbed them in an image with quadrants of abundant detail. I also wanted to juxtapose the near-by private space with the distant public space.  The elements are pulled from various angles of my yard and garden and then transformed to make the combined image.

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