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4th Annual Upstate Invitational - Diggory, Medina, Serrianne

Oct. 22- Nov. 27, 2016

Reception:  Saturday Oct 22, 5-8pm

Laffer Gallery  96 Broad St, Schuylerville, NY


My works for this exhibition reflect my current fascination with the expressive visual energy of vortexes, whether I am inspired by ones that exist in front of me or whether I am introducing them into a calmer world. 

For me the world does not sit still; even the boulders and fallen trees along a shore suggest change, although at a slower pace. I often use a strong linear element such as a horizon or edge of a lake or field to anchor the curvilinear spinning.  While many of my works respond to the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, I have recently been inspired by locations along the California coast, in my neighborhood in Saratoga Springs and in the clutter of my studio as I decide what to do with my mother’s things.The work varies from 4 inches wide (some plein aire works from my canoe) to an eight foot long piece that bends into a corner.

Works at the gallery (not all on exhibit)

Hybrids (a combination of photography, digital manipulation and painting)


"Edging In"   hybrid on paper 13x19"              "Centrifuge" 32x32" hybrid on canvas


"Shoreline Totem"  15x32"  hybrid on canvas     "Shell Game III" hybrd on canvas 20x20"


"Coming and Going" hybrid on canvas 38x105"           "Branching Out" 58x31" hybrid on canvas

Recent Adirondack paintings, acrylic on canvas


                "Ascending Autumn" 18x24"                     "Anchored"  15x30


"Rock Flow"   18x24"                                             "Silver Dawn" 16x20"


The California Series


"Wave Action" acrylic on canvas 12x24"          "Power Play"  acrylic on canvas  12x24"


From the series related to my mother's things:


"Uncontained"  20x20"  acrylic on panel 2016     




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