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Anne Diggory: Reverberations

Reception  July 30th  3-5pm

July 29– August 17th, 2016

 Valley Artisans Market , 25 E Main Street, Cambridge, NY

The title of the show, Reverberations, refers to the visual and conceptual vibrations created by pairings of objects, shapes and patterns. The selected works are from several decades and include paintings and watercolors as well as recent hybrid artworks that incorporate fragments of photography along with painting. Some of the visual duets are between matched pairs of flowers, fruits, buildings and rocks. There are playful juxtapositions of  singular objects with similarly shaped images within paintings such as a ham paired with a painting of a boulder and a seashell paired with a painting of a pine tree. In landscape watercolors, patterns of lines within farm fields resonate with patterns formed by the clouds.

---Hybrids (photography and painting) with pairings of similar shapes



--- Matched pairs





---Dissimilar objects, with matching shapes



--- paired  patterns of shapes



One of the newest pieces. "Uncontained"  20x20"  acrylic on panel 2016




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