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Selected Adirondack Works

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grouped by media and size


Hybrids (a combination of photography, digital manipulation and painting) More information on Hybrid Visions website


"Edging In"   hybrid on paper 13x19"               " Flat Out " hybrid on canvas 34x50" SOLD


  "The Space Between" (Elk Lake)                       "Branching Out" 58x31" hybrid on canvas

   Hybrid on canvas 48x36"

"Overture"  56x56"  hybrid on canvas


"Coming and Going" hybrid on canvas 38x105"            "Making Waves" hybrid on canvas  36x48"

acrylic on canvas -

usually started on site, finished in studio to increase sense of space, light and energy


"Autumn Sonata" (from Harrietstown)                  "Autumn Descent"  30x40"  (Giant's Nubble)




    "Ascending Autumn" 18x24"                             "Anchored"  15x30"


"Rock Flow"   18x24"  (Saranac Lake)               "Silver Dawn" 16x20" (Lake Flower, Saranac Lake)

Opening Performance    20x20" SOLD

"Evening Reverie" (Keene Valley) 15x30" SOLD

"At the Top" 50x65"   (from Marcy toward Haystack) SOLD

Small Paintings


"Dix from Noonmark" watercolor 7x10"               "High Peaks from Giant" watercolor 14 1/4 x15




 all 3.5 x5", acrylic on panel    top left: Lingering Light    top right: Catching Fire

                                                   bottom left: Final Salute   bottom right: Sunset Gathering


"Evening Range"  8x11"                                          "Opening - Pyramid Peak" 12x16"



Haystack from Upper Ausable,  6x9"                       "Lower Ausable"   3x5"




"Tangents" 22x30" pencil     (Indian Falls)            "Indian Head Cliffs" 13.5x14"  pencil and chalk

"The Great Range"  22x30"  pencil



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