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Blue Mountain Gallery, New York City

530 West 25th Street, 4th Floor


Anne Diggory : Live Streaming

Paintings and hybrid media inspired by the Adirondacks

postponed, not opening March 24, 2020

PRICE LIST FROM POSTPONED EXHIBITION www.diggory/streaminglist.html


       The exhibition at Blue Mountain Gallery, scheduled to open March 24, Live Streaming, has been postponed. View here and in links below to a price list, the planned exhibition of recent works by Anne Diggory that were inspired by the Adirondacks of upstate New York. In the painted and hybrid works she continues her interest in a merger of the fleeting moment with the supposedly more permanent natural forms of mountains and shore. In that interplay, the land forms take on the liveliness of the clouds and waters. Shifting interpretations of the same locations inform multiple works on the same day, on return visits, or in re-imaginings back in the studio.

One series includes three paintings from a short stay at Crane Point at Blue Mountain Lake and three later works based on Diggory’s experiences there.  The weather, reflections and light kept shifting that day and inspired her to make dramatically different artistic choices to reflect a changing focus and create a new effect. In the sixth version, Diggory inserts herself, merging with the water as she observes the scene. (below: Crane Point 1-6) 4-6 are 24x24"




In the large mixed-media hybrid works, the shifts between painting, photography and digital manipulation continue to be “startling and disorienting, as well as beautiful,” with “mysterious, absorbing blends” (Jay Rogoff, Adirondack Life, March 2015). In “White Lightning,” based on Roaring Brook Falls near Keene Valley, a thin jagged line of water cleaves the massive rock face that has been carved by powerful waterflow over the centuries, leaving a pile of debris at the bottom. The same location becomes a welcoming location for a family picnic in “Summer Retreat.”  


four inspired by Roaring Brook Falls, near Keene Valley NY


White Lightning, 48x36 Hybrid on Canvas 2019            Afternoon Retreat, 20x16, acrylic on canvas 2018


Fall Lines, 14x11" Acrylic on panel       Study for White Lightning , 32x32"  hybrid on canvas 2019

private collection


Inspired by Split Rock Falls:

Light Falls, 11x11.5" acrylic on paper


Spring Flow, Split Rock Falls, 16x20" acrylic on canvas


Holding Pattern, 35x52"  hybrid on canvas 2019


Inspired by the Ausable River Flume:


River Carving 24x30" acrylic on canvas 2019                       Ausable Carving 16x20" acrylic 2019 sold


Ausable Twist   36 x 60"  hybrid media on canvas 2019

Torrent   20x16" Acrylic on canvas


From the Osgood Pond/Paul Smiths area


Dispersing Storm, Osgood Lake, 3x6" acrylic on panel        Lingering Gold, St. Regis Mt, 4x6"  2019 sold

painting of clouds over st regis mountain

St. Regis Cloud Dance 9 x 15 1/4"  acrylic on panel



Side by Side,  36 x 24" acrylic on canvas 2019 sold       Summer Passageway, 20x16" acrylic on canvas 2019

Winter Opening, 3 7/8 x 10" acrylic on panel


From the Keene/Keene Valley area


Garden Rows, Keene Valley, 10x10"  acrylic on panel          Peak of Summer, 8x10" acrylic on panel 2018



Spring Returns to Marcy Field, 8x10" acrylic on canvas 2019 sold



Spring Display, Hurricane Mt., 16x20" acrylic on canvas 2019  (Syracuse Cancer Center)


Winter Colors, Owl's Head, 4 3.4 x6" acrylic on panel         Pitchoff Blankets, 8x10"  acrylic on panel 2018

Reviewing Stand, 30x40" arylic on canvas  2019  (Syracuse Cancer Center)


from the Ausable Club

Cloud Range (Giant Mt) 4 x 10"  acrylic on canvas 2019  sold



Giant Across the Valley, 8x8" acrylic on panel 2019

Giant from the Ausable Club (sold) 16x20"



From the Saranac Lake Area


Lake Passage, Middle Saranac Lake, 8x10"  acrylic on canvas 2019  


Rosy-Fingered Dawn, 15 x 30" acrylic on canvas 2019


Summer Evening, Bog River , 6x6" Acrylic on panel 2018       Sunset Line-up, Lake Clear, 4x6" acrylic on panel 2019


from the Keeseville area


Chasm Glow, 14x11" arylic on panel, 2018    Silver Dawn, 16x20" acrylic on panel


For more information on the hybrid approach that combines photography and painting go to http:hybridvisions.diggory.com    



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