Painter   Anne Diggory


Design Process

Endless Hudson River Landscape

Design process for an individual panel (using the "Rapids" panel)

1. In Photoshop on the computer, the first layer is the common base of colors and intersection points. The early version had very few
Intersection points and the foreground reached both edges.


2. I inserted details from the Albany Institute’s collection, from

my work and/or from my photographs. This panel used a forground from Homer Dodge Martin's Storm King and the central part of my drawing of the Hudson River at Lake Luzerne, Quicken



3. I worked on interior spaces and introduced more edge intersection
points. Rough pathways through the space were established to be-
come roads, train tracks or streams. I smoothed the transitions
between the inserted details and the space. I added clouds that
echoed or complement some of the shapes in the landscape. For a
few of the panels, I first established the space and then looked for
details within my collection of images.

4. In the final phase I worked on relationships with adjoining panels and
simplified the details so that more areas would be available for
collage elements. I sometimes changed the location or content of the
imported sections. I switched back and forth between Photoshop and
Corel Paint and I periodically printed out the set at small scale to
make sure the panels wore working interchangeably. And I consulted
with the Education staff about the designs. The last step was the
placement of the frame, which is based on the Institute’s frame for
the Durand painting.

( a new foreground came from a work by HG Wall)


Details from these Diggory artworks were used in the panel designs.

Diggory photographs used in the panel design.

Taken from the Albany to NY train and near the Saratoga Battlefield.

The nuclear plant photo has been manipulated in photoshop for clarity.

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