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Blue Mountain Gallery

547 West 27th Street, #200

New York City, NY

Anne Diggory: Live Streaming

Sept 7- Oct 2, 2021



Blue Mountain Gallery presents Live Streaming, an exhibition of recent works by Anne Diggory that were inspired by the Adirondacks of upstate New York. In the painted and mixed media works she continues her interest in a merger of the fleeting moment with the supposedly more permanent natural forms of mountains and shores. In that interplay, the land forms take on the liveliness of the clouds and waters. Shifting interpretations of the same locations inform multiple works on the same day, on return visits, or in re-imaginings back in the studio.  

Many of the works in the exhibition were scheduled to be shown in a solo show just as New York shut down for the pandemic. Here they are combined with newer works made during the pandemic,  focusing on the suspension of time and  celebrating  the moment of painting and seeing. Diggory wrote an article about the pandemic experience of sudden isolation (Adirondack Almanac) and she taught herself how to make videos in order to connect online (Vimeos about In Suspension painting water and White Lightning).  


On the day that I should have been packing up paintings for my March 2020 show, instead I headed for a waterfall within an easy drive, seeking distraction and solace. It wasn’t entirely an escape. Something about the stranded tree trunk resonated with my own sense of time suspended, with reverberations of both sudden catastrophe and the regular flow of natural forces. (In Suspension 24x48” acrylic on canvas, pictured above)

Diggory’s work has recently been seen in solo exhibitions at the Albany Institute of History and Art and the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls. Her work has been featured in Adirondack Life, Adirondack Explorer and American Artist. She has maintained a studio in Saratoga Springs, New York, for forty years while also working on location on her travels.  

A new project that includes several artworks in the exhibition is :


Artist Anne Diggory explores the Ausable River Watershed

Only recently, through becoming aware of the work of the Ausable River Association, have I begun to understand where the water I was painting had come from and where it was headed – how it gets from Mt Marcy, the Ausable Lakes and Lake Placid to Lake Champlain. I have been inspired to understand the visual qualities of each of the waterways and the surrounding terrain that make up the watershed.  I am in the process of assembling a body of work that will help people visualize the watershed and how it has inspired my artwork on and off over the last 40 years. These new ones are in addition to at least 40 earlier works.                                                                                                             



Diversion at Hulls Falls 18x24" acrylic/canvas 2020    Resting Place - (sold)  18x24" acrylic on canvas


Ausable Twist  36x60" mixed media


Ausable Carving 16x20" (sold)              Chasm Glow 14x11"


River Carving 24x30"                                 Afternoon Retreat 20x16"


White Lightning 48x36" mixed media

A series based on the view from Crane Point, Blue Mountain Lake,

created in the studio after an intense day onsite




Cloud Dance 24x24"                     The Stone's in the midst of all 24x24"

Rosy-Fingered Dawn  15x30" acrylic/canvas


Spring Flow - Split Rock Falls 16x20"                    Winter Glen 24x36"


Green Waterfall 20x16"         Side by Side 36x24" (sold)



I have focused recently on drawings



I have made videos of some of the paintings in the exhibition.

My Vimeo channel is   https://vimeo.com/user109783554






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Online catalogue of hybrid work is at http:hybridvisions.diggory.com

Online catalogue of Saratoga Treescapes:  Saratogatrees.diggory.com  

Inventory of  work up to 2002    www.diggory.com/cd              

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