Painter   Anne Diggory


Hague Historical Society 


"Artistic Choices at Lake George: Then and Now " by Anne Diggory

June 28, 2016    7 pm

   Hague Community Center

    9793 Graphite Mt. Road, Hague NY


 Presentation with artworks on display

Anne Diggory will talk about the relationship of motif to finished work in paintings of Lake George by 19th century artists and in her own work, including the Hague area. Her work has been featured at the Hyde Collection and in Adirondack Life. The Metropolitan Museum Journal recently included her research on John Frederick Kensett’s 19th century paintings of Lake George.  


  2011_3213 ripple effect II  50x70 a on canvas.jpg

In an exploration of the creative process, Anne Diggory will talk about the relationship of motif to finished work in paintings of Lake George by 19th century artists and in her own work. A section of the talk will focus on paintings in the Hague area.



She will use comparisons of finished paintings to the landscapes that inspired the work in order to discuss the choices an artist must make to convey the experience. The choices are affected by the challenge of representing the three-dimensional, ever-changing world on a flat, still surface as well as by the culture of the times and the stylistic preferences of the artist. The fact that the landscape has changed with different patterns of clearing and forestation is both a challenge and a fascinating story in itself.

Diggory has been hiking and paddling in the Adirondacks for 35 years and in the past 10 years has added the element of looking for motifs painted by artists of an earlier era. Her research into the painting location of John Frederick Kensett’s iconic “Lake George, 1869,” was recently published in the Metropolitan Museum Journal, in an article that corrects their catalogue by placing the viewpoint on Homer Point, reconfirming Kensett’s commitment to portraying the topography as well as the experience of its scale. Diggory’s paddling adventures and boating trips with friends around the lake has enabled her to locate over 20 painting locations that inspired Kensett as well as many that inspired other 19th century artists such as Asher B. Durand and David Johnson.

Saratoga-based artist Anne Diggory focuses much of her work on the waters of the Adirondacks. She creates both plein air paintings and “hybrid media” artworks that use a multi-layered process combining sections of photography, digital manipulation and painting.  The hybrid works were the focus of recent solo exhibitions at The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY, and the Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City. The March/April (2015) issue of Adirondack Life included an essay about her hybrid work by poet Jay Rogoff.  Both kinds of work are currently featured in a show during June and July titled “Water’s Edge” in Schroon Lake at Giant Mountain Studio.


Diggory’s work can be seen at

Northern Lake George – Then and Now

THEN                       Asher B Durand, south from Hague , NY

                                            NOW    Anne Diggory                                                                                                

              From the Waltonians (south from Hague)

diggory_from the waltonians 1280px.jpg








Roger’s Slide

THEN   from Bartlett’s guide                                             NOW Anne Diggory – Evening Patterns

BartlettLakeGeorgeVLG.jpg        2008 anthonys nose.jpg  

                                                                                                Anne Diggory – Ripple Effect II

2011_3213 ripple effect II  50x70 a on canvas.jpg









Anne Diggory   from Hague in Winter,


  1998 maybe black ice.jpg


1992 lake thaw.jpg (Private Collection)

1992  lake opening.jpg   (Private collection)

 Clear Autumn, from a ridge above Hague














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