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Fluid Forces: Adirondack Paintings by Anne Diggory

June 4 - July 22, 2023

Reception  June 9th 5-7 pm- free - along with other exhibits at The View

Catalog Online for free viewing or odering

The View Center for Arts and Culture

Old Forge, NY

Mon - Sat  10-4

Sunday 12-4  

$10 entry

July  13 , 7 pm.  Virtual Artist Talk (link )

July 22, 10 am Gallery Talk and presentation

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Past Exhibition:

Sept 7- Oct 2, 2021  in New York City

Anne Diggory : Live Streaming

Blue Mountain Gallery

Details on exhibition page



                                   Cloud Dance 24x24"          The Stone's in the midst of all 24x24"


 2021  Keene Valley NY

At Corscaden Barn Gallery

Labor Day to - Columbus Day

FALL HOURS: Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 3 pm and by appointment.

Details on Exhibition Page

video of exhibition vimeo.com/572251882


Current project :  Follow the Water - The Ausable River Watershed.

map of artwork



2020 in Keene Valley NY

At Corscaden Barn Gallery


Group Exhibition with 25 of my paintings  TAKE TOUR







During the Pandemic: finding distraction, solace and direction

I have finished a painting, In Suspension- March-April 2020, that began six weeks ago, on March 16th, when I set off for a day of painting in wilderness isolation. I had just made the stressful decision to cancel my upcoming solo show in New York City due to impending closures in response to the COVID-19 crisis. That day I should have been packing paintings for the show, but instead I headed for a waterfall within an easy drive, seeking distraction and solace.

I brought canvases and sketch pads of several sizes and proportions, not knowing what would inspire me. I was curious to see how much water was flowing with the spring runoff. What struck me first had little to do with the lively flow. A very long tree trunk bridged the stream at a height that suggested it had been carried there in a flash flood before getting wedged in tightly, perpendicular to the flow. I realized fairly quickly that I would build the composition around that pale linear form. Something about the stranded trunk resonated with my own sense of time suspended by COVID-19. There were reverberations of both sudden catastrophe and the regular flow of natural forces. If the water were to suddenly return to the tree’s level, I would have been under water.

LINK to full story, with images and video links

Since the pandemic has cancelled exhibitions and the economic collapse has reduced art sales, I have been increasing my web presence through postings and making my own videos about my work

The complete documentation of the painting process includes many more photos of both the motif and the stages of the work as well as videos of me at work. I am developing them into several video segments which can be seen on Vimeo at   https://vimeo.com/user109783554

Here is one of them




The March- April show in New York City was postponed. Contact me to get on evite list for future shows

Anne Diggory : Live Streaming

Paintings and hybrid media inspired by the Adirondacks

Link For full information about each piece that would have been in show

Blue Mountain Gallery, New York City

530 West 25th Street, 4th Floor

                                                                                                         large pieces in the exhibtion

information about the individual pieces



Anne Diggory : All in a Day's Work

April 6 - August 18, 2019

Albany Institute of History and Art

125 Washington Ave, Albany, NY


All in a Day's Work -   Exhibition Images

Working process


 The exhibition, Anne Diggory: All in a Day’s Work, features sixteen lakeside landscapes, the products of Diggory’s intense concentration on a motif that often yields several works from a single day on location. Rather than choosing just one expression of shifting light and constantly changing patterns of waves and clouds, she creates multiple versions on the spot and later in her Saratoga Springs studio. Six works will focus on a day at Crane Point on Blue Mountain Lake and four on a day on Recluse Island on Lake George. The different artistic choices of medium, palette, amount of detail, and composition are both intuitive and deliberate as each artwork separately expresses the transitory quality of her experience.



2019 Corscaden Barn Gallery

Keene Valley NY

Link to individual artworks



Anne Diggory : Blue Mountain Light

August 20 - September 15th, 2018

Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts

Blue Mountain Lake NY, 3446 State Rte  28




Hours before Labor Day:Mon- Saturday 10-4

after Labor Day:  Tues-Saturday 10-4



video of Anne at Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City in February 2018


 link to full set of images



About the Artist: Anne Diggory frequently paints on location in Saratoga Springs, the Adirondacks, the Hudson River Valley and Alaska. Her hybrid works combine photography, digital manipulation and painting in a multilayered process. Diggory's work has recently been featured in Adirondack Life, the Adirondack Explorer and Saratoga Living . She lives in Saratoga Springs, NY.


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Online catalogue of hybrid work is at http:hybridvisions.diggory.com

Online catalogue of Saratoga Treescapes:  Saratogatrees.diggory.com  

Inventory of  work up to 2002    www.diggory.com/cd                     

Current Exhibitions    on   Exhibitions page

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Paintings on display at Silverwood Gallery, Saratoga Springs,NY


Saratoga and Adirondacks

Kettlewell and Edwards

Saratoga Springs, NY


Studio by Appointment

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Adirondack Trust Company Mural

At work on a mural commission for The Adirondack Trust Company.

The mural has been installed.

Click on image to see extensive documentation.


For an archive of work done before 2003 go to www.diggory.com/cd

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