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In Old Forge, NY ½-mile north of the Town of Webb Information Center on Route 28

3273  Rt 28, Old Forge NY    $10 admission

Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 12pm - 4pm   

Fluid Forces : Adirondack Paintings by Anne Diggory

June 4 - July 22, 2023

July 13, 7 pm Virtual Artist Talk (link )

July 22, 10 am Gallery Talk and Presentation

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The exhibition includes thirty works, half of which were painted in the last year. Inspired by the opportunity to exhibit my paintings of Adirondack  waters, Diggory sought out new locations that yielded compositions with the water taking over the image. Six new works are from the Old Forge area, including the Moose River, Fourth Lake from Inlet, Big Moose Lake and Raquette Lake. Painting from a canoe, a bridge, the shore and in her studio, she transforms the forces of nature into compelling paintings. Some of the last adjustments to the plein aire works are made in the studio.


Anne Diggory has been painting out of her studio in Saratoga Springs for 45 years. Her extensive exhibition includes over 35 solo exhibitions and 75 group exhibitions in the region and the Northeast.  Her work has been featured at The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls and the Albany Institute of History and Art as well as many solo shows at the Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City.


Events for exhibition:

July 9, 5-7 pm    Reception (free)

July 13   7 pm     Anne Diggory Virtual Artist Talk  -  Joys and Challenges of Painting Water  (link )

               Anne will talk about her work in the exhibition and the journey from inspiration to finished work. She will show images of the working process in both paintings and hybrid works that include fragments of photography. There are challenges as well as joys - how to manipulate the details to create movement, how to deal with changing light, how to work from a canoe, how to get all of the elements to work together. There will be a time for questions. Link will be available via The View.


July 22     10 am    Anne Diggory  Gallery talk and presentation -  Painting Water:  Method and Meaning. 

                  Starting with a presentation about her working methods, Anne will lead a walk-through of the exhibition. She will talk about what has inspired her choices about scale (from 6 inches wide to 106 inches wide) and selections of media (traditional works on paper, aluminum and canvas as well as hybrid works with photographic fragments merged with paintings). The focus of the discussion will be about how the approaches to detail, color and composition affect the meaning of the individual pieces. 

On exhibit at the same time at The View:

       Ripple and Roar : The Wonder of Water -  Juried Exhibition

       Water Seen and Unseen, by Sandy Gellis


The paintings of the Old Forge area include the waters of Big Moose Lake, the Moose River and Raquette Lake.


Floating By, 6x6" 2022 SOLD                                        Sunset Sentinel  6x6"  2022


Moose River Flow   9x18"  2022                            Sunset Passage  12x24"   2022


Surface Tension  24x36"  2023                                Resting Place. 11x14"  2022

Several mixed media pieces in the exhibition include elements of painting, photography and digital manipulation. One of them, “Coming and Going,” is a corner painting, wrapping around the viewer in a dramatic scene inspired by Buttermilk Falls near Long Lake. As described by Jay Rogoff in a review of her mixed media pieces at The Hyde Collection, these artworks are “startling and disorienting, as well as beautiful,” with “mysterious, absorbing blends” (Adirondack Life, March 2015).


  Coming and Going 38x105" 2014                               Holding Pattern  35x52"  2008


Branching Out  58x31" 2016                            White Lightning 48x36" 2019


The exhibition includes two paintings from a long-running series of 20 artworks based on a dramatic turn in the bend of Northwest Bay Brook near Bolton Landing NY. The first of the series, "Change of Course," is from 2007. 18x30"


The most recent of the series "In Suspension" : 24x48 Acrylic on canvas 2020

It dates from the pandemic. I wrote about the experience of sudden isolation (Adirondack Almanac) and taught myself how to make videos in order to connect online (Vimeos about In Suspension painting water and White Lightning).  



On the day that I should have been packing up paintings for my March 2020 show, instead I headed for a waterfall within an easy drive, seeking distraction and solace. It wasn’t entirely an escape. Something about the stranded tree trunk resonated with my own sense of time suspended, with reverberations of both sudden catastrophe and the regular flow of natural forces.  

A new project that includes several artworks in the exhibition is :


Artist Anne Diggory explores the Ausable River Watershed

Only recently, through becoming aware of the work of the Ausable River Association, have I begun to understand where the water I was painting had come from and where it was headed – how it gets from Mt Marcy, the Ausable Lakes and Lake Placid to Lake Champlain. I have been inspired to understand the visual qualities of each of the waterways and the surrounding terrain that make up the watershed.  I am in the process of assembling a body of work that will help people visualize the watershed and how it has inspired my artwork on and off over the last 40 years.                               



Diversion at Hulls Falls 18x24" acrylic/canvas 2020 


Ausable Abundance 16x20" 2023         Pool Below 24x24" 2022-23

Ausable Serpentines  36x24" acrylic/canvas  2022-23



                                     Winter Opening (Styles Brook)  11x14"   2022                    


Additional Adirondack works in the exhibiion:


Crane Point IV  24x24" 2018              Wilderness Passage  14x11"  2021

Freeze Frame  24x24"  2021


Winter Cascade 8x5x10.5  2021                  Light Falls   11x11.5" 2019

I have made videos of some of the paintings in the exhibition.

My Vimeo channel is



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